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June 4 Candidate Forum















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April 29 Meeting





Tuesday, March 26



February 22 Meeting



1st Reminder

On February 22nd we have the amazing opportunity to host Marjorie Greene as our keynote speaker. Please note the quickly approaching deadline to register! You will not want to miss this!

Marjorie Taylor Greene has a lifetime of business experience, having grown up working in her family’s company. In 2002 Marjorie purchased Taylor Commercial, a commercial construction and renovation company. The company has since managed a quarter of a billion dollars of construction projects.

Marjorie successfully started, grew, and sold a thriving CrossFit gym here in Georgia which has become one of the top CrossFit gyms in the country. She has a unique perspective on how to succeed from the

ground up, through true hard work and financial responsibility.

Marjorie graduated from the University of Georgia and received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Marjorie has been actively involved in her community, in her children’s schools, and has been active on a national level as the National Director of Family America Project.

Marjorie has a strong Christian faith and believes we must continue to protect our great freedoms and work to keep America a great country for generations to come.

She believes our government is supposed to work for the American people, not foreign nations, lobbyists, or special interests. She ran for Congress to hold our government accountable and ensure that every policy coming out of Washington, D.C. is designed to put America First.

Marjorie has three children, Lauren, Taylor, and Derek. Marjorie believes the best part of her life is being a mother and spending time with her family.

Please note the changes in the registration!

There is a flat fee for all registrants! This includes guests, members, and students. Guests, please use the EventBrite link. Members, please use the link provided below.

If you have a standing reservation, you do not need to register, but please continue to use the link below to register any guests attending.

Below you will find the link to register.

Should you need to cancel your reservation, please email by February 19th at 2PM!


January 29 meeting






Nov. 30 Meeting

Oct. 17 meeting

Christians Must Get Involved





Sept. 26 meeting




Photo gallery

Aug. 24 Meeting



Photo gallery



July 27 meeting


Opening and closing comments, Service Dogs for Vets


Great meeting coming up July 27th with John Warren.

One of the topics will be his new book, Lead Like a Marine, which comes out July 11th.  I encourage you to consider pre-ordering a copy to support our hometown Marine.

And here’s the link to RSVP to our July meeting.









April 27 meeting




March 23 meeting

Prayer, pledges, creed, Star Spangled Banner




February Meeting: Status of pro-life bills in the South Carolina Legislature.

They Came for the Catholics and I am Not a Catholic






SUPPORTING THE FREEDOM CAUCUS At our December meeting, Freedom Caucus officers, Adam Morgan and Josiah Magnuson, clearly explained their goals for transparency, regular order, and accountability.  Once the session started, the 1st salvo came in from the establishment in the form of a loyalty oath. Such an oath has not been required in previous years. This has created an unfortunate divide in the GOP caucus which has become public. To understand this more deeply, I encourage you to listen/watch our December meeting again.  Click here to view.

Pulling back the curtain on the processes in the Statehouse is challenging some Republicans and their response has been shocking.  Viewing debate from the floor of the House and reading their comments on Twitter is revealing. More on this later. Our FB page has some of these links.  So the board put out this encouraging note on our FB page and it was sent to the all members of the Freedom Caucus.

In the meantime, please call your state rep.  If they are a member of the Freedom Caucus, thank them for standing strong.  If they are not, encourage them to treat the Freedom Caucus members politely.


Dec. 1 meeting




Oct. 27 meeting




Oct. 10 School board candidates forum



Sept. 22 meeting



Thomas Beach on Critical Race Theory





Aug. 25 meeting


July 28 meeting

SC Rep. Josiah Magnuson on South Carolina Pro-Life Bill.


Photo gallery

Remembering Geri Warren

June 23 meeting



May 26 meeting

Photo Gallery










March 24, 2022 Meeting

Rick Brundrett and Closing Comments

Feb. 24, 2022 meeting

Jan. 27, 2022 meeting


July meeting

Photo Gallery

July newsletter

June 25 Americanism Meeting



Photo gallery

March 16 meeting

Photo gallery

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Senator Lindsey Graham is unable to attend our meeting on Monday, March 16th.  He sincerely regrets that he cannot join us at this time, but this is NOT a cancellation of his visit, only a POSTPONEMENT.  Many of you have probably already heard that Senator Graham was in contact with someone over the weekend who turned out to have the COVID-19 virus.  Out of an abundance of caution, he has chosen to self-quarantine.

We are excited to announce that Trey Gowdy has graciously agreed to step in and serve as our primary speaker. In addition, you will have the opportunity to hear from Bobby Cox, Garry Smith, Jason Elliott, and our newly-elected sheriff, Hobart Lewis.

All RSVPs have already been turned into the Poinsett Club, and the cost will remain $30.00.  Your understanding is greatly appreciated!

I look forward to seeing you on Monday.  We are expecting a much larger group than normal.  Please plan to arrive early to secure parking, and if you are able to carpool with other club members, that would be a great idea.

Best Regards,

Racine Cooper

Feb. 27 meeting

Photo gallery

Jan. 30 meeting

Australian immigrant Nick Adams praises American exceptionalism


Photo gallery


Dec. 5 Christmas Party

Introductory comments

GCRWC: Gifts from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.


GCRWC President Julie Hershey
introduces sheriff candidates


Dec. 5 Christmas Party

Introductory comments

GCRWC: Gifts from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.


GCRWC President Julie Hershey
introduces sheriff candidates


Oct. 24 meeting



View photo gallery

Sept. 26 meeting


Defenders for Children will make a guest appearance at our Sept. 26 luncheon.

Aug. 22 meeting: U.S. Rep. William Timmons




July 25 meeting: Hope Blackley

Photo gallery

June 27 meeting: Americanism Program

Photo gallery




May 23 meeting

Part 2

Taxpayer Giveaway Vote to Liberal Billionaire – House & Senate Votes

Over the last week, you and THOUSANDS of your fellow South Carolinians contacted their state politicians demanding they kill a $120 million tax giveaway to the liberal, billionaire owner of the NFL Panthers.

Once again, they ignored you.

Here are the votes, click here to see how YOUR legislators voted on this issue.

April 25 meeting

Photo gallery

GCRWC Associate Member Bobby M. Dill receives Order of the Palmetto

Photo gallery

March 25 meeting: Gene Ho: TRUMPography: How Biblical Principles Paved the Way to the American Presidency

An Insider’s View from Trump’s Campaign Photographer


Darius Hall for Greenville County Sheriff from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.


Racine Cooper: Program chair from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.


Feb. 28 meeting: Dave Schwartz

Photo gallery

Jan. 24 meeting

Photo gallery

Gloria Landry: Build the Wall from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.


Diane Hardy: Palmetto Panel from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Pressley Stutts for Greenville County GOP chair from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Dec. 6 Christmas luncheon

Oct. 27 meeting: Rep. Jeff Duncan

Rep. Jeff Duncan speaks to Greenville County Republican Women from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Rep. Jeff Duncan question and answer session from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Dr. Glen Robinson for SC Senate 7 from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Photo gallery

Sept. 22 meeting: Rep. Mick Mulvaney speaks to GCRWC

Rep. Mick Mulvaney speaks to Greenville County Republican Women from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo

Photo gallery

More videos

Tom Barilovits Speaks on Greenville Health System Takeover

Debbie Spaugh: Legislative Update

Stacy Shea: Refugee Resettlement

Julie Hershey: Rep. Trey Gowdy to Speak at Nov. 7 Fundraiser

Dianne Mitchell: Membership Chair

Marlene Dowd: NFRW Strike Force

Mike Pence: Pro-Life Trailblazer Who Will Rally Grassroots

2016 Republican Platform

Leftists Have A New Idea To Combat Climate Change:
A Baby Tax

Suzanne Shattuck on Refugee Resettlement

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Attorney General Loretta Lynch Announces
Global Police Force Partnership

Letter from SC lawmakers to Federal Trade Commission (read the whole letter)

Archives October 2014 to December 2015

FTC letter

Aug. 25 meeting

Tom Barilovits: Greenville Health System takeover/influence and Obamacare.

Greenville Health System Takeover Plans from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo. This video is based on the presentation by Tom Barilovits at the Aug. 25 meeting.

July 28 meeting

SC Treasurer Curtis Loftis on unclaimed money and state’s underperforming pension system from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Greenville Health System — a Story the Greenville Media Will Not Report from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Jefferson Quote

Greenville County Republican Women Honor Bob Dill, publisher of The Times Examiner from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Introductory comments at June meeting

Kathy Davis reads Republican Creed

Photo gallery

The Seven Must-Read Passages of the Benghazi Report

Watch this amazing video: Col. Ben Skardon, 98, survivor of Bataan Death March, walks in Bataan Memorial Death March

National Federation of Republican Women bus tour from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Photo gallery

Sen. Ted Cruz speaks about mass shooting in Orlando from C-SPAN

Ultrasounds cut through pro-abortion lies

National Pro-Life Alliance

The abortion lobby fears the life-saving power of ultrasounds and will say or do anything they can to cover up the truth about abortion. For example, Cecile Richards, the President of the nation’s largest abortion provider Planned Parenthood, insisted that ultrasound laws set an “abhorrent precedent.” Of course, what Cecile really “abhors” about ultrasounds is how effective they are at saving lives.

In fact, a nationwide study has revealed that 78% of abortion-minded women who view an ultrasound image of their unborn baby reject abortion and choose life for their babies. That’s because ultrasounds compel women to recognize something the abortion lobby cannot tolerate — that unborn babies are just as human as you or I. That’s why your National Pro-Life Alliance continues to push for tough ultrasound laws at the state and federal levels to show mothers the truth — that abortion ends a human life.

By requiring that every abortionist show the mother an ultrasound of her child before performing an abortion, you and I can literally save thousands of unborn lives.

For Life,
Martin Fox, President
National Pro-Life Alliance
P.S. If you haven’t already done so, please click here to sign your petition in support of the Ultrasound Informed Consent Act.

May 27 luncheon meeting

SC Senate 6 Candidates Forum from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Diane Hardy

Diane Hardy: Americanism/Homeland Security Chair

Registration by Party Advocate, Diane Hardy. Video.

Diane Mitchell

Dianne Mitchell: Membership and Directory Chair

New member

New member Candace Spradlin


Robin Duffie (left) delivers invocation, with Mary Beth Green, President at right.

Fair Dill

Sen. Mike Fair (left) with Bob Dill, publisher of The Times Examiner.

Sen 6 candidates

Senate 6 Forum: From left: Sen. Mike Fair, Johnny Edwards and William Timmons.

NFRW Capital Connection May 2, 2016

Find all the candidates running for the SC Statehouse in 2016 on the following website. The Primary is June 14.,_2016

April 28 meeting


Greenville Sheriff Candidates Forum from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.


New Members for GCRWC attending April meeting


Read SC Policy Council article here.


PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE AND ASK HIM/HER TO VOTE AGAINST H. 5368.  This is a bill introduced by outgoing Rep. Walt McLeod on Wednesday, May 18th.  The unstated goal of this bill is to intimidate citizens from testifying at House or Senate subcommittee or committee hearings.  The two main parts of the bill are: 1.  to require testimony given at committee or subcommittee hearings to be given under oath, and 2. anyone who “willfully gives false, materially misleading, or materially incomplete testimony under oath is guilty of contempt of the General assembly.”  The first offense of contempt of the General Assembly is a misdemeanor, punishable by a $100 minimum fine, a six-month imprisonment, or both.  The second offense is a felony and carries a minimum prison sentence of five years, or a fine at the discretion of the court.
As pointed out by the SC Policy Council, “the terms ‘materially misleading’ and ‘materially incomplete’ could mean just about anything. If a testifying citizen misstated a statistic or failed to mention a point lawmakers felt to be essential, would that open the citizen to a SLED investigation?”
The bill was introduced “without reference”, so it bypassed the committee process and will go to the House floor for debate probably Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.  CALL YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE AND TELL HIM/HER TO VOTE AGAINST THIS BILL, THE SOUL PURPOSE OF WHICH IS TO STIFLE OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

Contact your representative here.

A Review of the South Carolina Department of Transportation

Follow this link to see the video of Representative Jonathon Hill giving one of the best floor speeches probably ever given at the SC Legislature:

Rather than pass Hill’s amendment, the House passed Amendment 1A proposed by House leadership, which offers little in the way of true reform.  H.3579, with Amendment 1A, has been sent back to the Senate.  (Exerpt from Legislative Article by Debbie Spaugh)

Posted April 8: The SC legislators still have not acted on the Personhood Amendment. Visit Personhood South Carolina website.

Refugee bill sent to South Carolina House

NOW is a critical time in our state house regarding the refugee issue because S997 has passed
the Senate and is on the way to the House. Remember we have so much more influence at the
state level than at the federal level, that is why it is so important to form a good, friendly
relationship with your state representatives. (Read more)

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” — Anne Frank

This is an Action Alert regarding the “Roads Bill”, H.3579, which was amended by
the Senate (Amendment 31A), passed on 3/9/2016, and returned to the House.
As I pointed out in my article in the GCRWC March Newsletter, the Senate version
did remove the gas tax hike, but failed to make real reforms to the transportation
funding system. The House will probably take up H.3579, with Amendment 31A
the week of April 11th.
We need to call or email our State Representatives and urge them to kill the bill.
The citizens of South Carolina want real reforms. Read more.

This is a link to an article about funding of I-185. According to this, no tax dollars were used to build it or maintain it. The tolls are used to pay the bond debt and to pay the DOT for maintenance.

March 24 meeting

Dr. Tony Beam — History of U.S. – Israel Relations from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Still photos

Mom of officer who died: ‘He loved what he did’

Feb. 18 meeting

Sen. Ted Cruz: Greenville County Republican Women from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan endorses Ted Cruz 

Still photos

Posted at 12:20 p.m., Friday, Jan. 28

Ashley Landess Rips SC General Assembly on Tax Increases from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Still photos

Here is a reading list from NFRW’s Mamie Eisenhower Literacy Project

Posted 4:25 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 3

Annual Christmas Tea


Posted 10 a.m., Saturday, Nov. 14

Dr. Ben Carson speaks to Greenville County Republican Women from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Photo gallery

Posted 1:40 p.m., Monday, Nov. 2

SCFRW Biennial Convention in Spartanburg, Oct. 31


Photo gallery

Posted 11:35 p.m., Monday, Oct. 26

Michelle Wiles warns on Refugee Resettlement Program from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

This video was played before Michelle Wiles spoke: Ann Corcoran on Refugee Resettlement

View photo gallery

Tara Servatius and Deb Marks July 23, 2015


John Warren June 25, 2015
Alan Wilson May 28, 2015


Kris Paronto March 26, 2015
Ellen Weaver Jan. 22, 2015
Dec. 4, 2014 meeting
SCFRW President Kim Wellman
Oct 23, 2014
Reps. Trey Gowdy and Jeff Duncan April 24, 2014


Dec. 11, 2008
Dr. Brent Nelsen
Dr. Raymond Sauer


Oct. 23, 2008 auction
Sept. 25, 2008
Glenn McCall, Cindy Costa, Warren Mowry, Allen Klump
Tony Beam
Aug. 28, 2008
Tony Beam, Rebecca Steen, Rick Freeman, Julie Hershey
Dick Jensen
July 24, 2008
Dick Jensen, Taylor Hall,
Eric Bedingfield, Liz Seman, Alan Kay

Patty Stoner

June 26, 2008
Americanism Program
Incumbents and challengers May 22, 2008 meeting


Incumbents and challengers
April 24, 2008 meeting

Bob McLain

Bob McLain, WORD Radio,
Feb. 28, 2008 meeting
Immigration and Customs
Enforcement Agency (ICE):
Aug. 23, 2007 meeting


Glenn McCall, second vice chair,
South Carolina GOP,
July 26, 2007 meeting

June 28, 2007 meeting

on Americanism
Bob McAlister
Bob McAlister, political communicator, May 24, 2007 meeting
Duncan Hunter
Rep. Duncan Hunter, April 13, 2007 meeting

Butch Kirven

Jason Miller from Gov. Mark Sanford’s office, and Councilman Butch Kirven, March 22, 2007 meeting
Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney, Feb. 22, 2007 meeting
Katon Dawson
Katon Dawson, state GOP chairman, Jan. 25, 2007 meeting