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A resolution in support of the SC Freedom Caucus
and censuring the leadership of the SC House Republican Caucus


they will advocate on the House floor, in the GOP caucus, and in the public sphere for straight-forward, conservative, common sense legislation based on the Republican platform,

they will hold government accountable, increase transparency in the process, protect personal liberty, and defend individual rights,

the need and the will to change the system, the narrative and the culture of the SC Legislature which has resulted in SC ranking at the bottom of the American Conservative Union list of red state legislatures,

courage in the face of the negative personal consequences of their actions such as personal attacks, social pressure and removal from the GOP Caucus,

a willingness to fight for policies their constituents want which counter the destruction of American culture and the indoctrination of our kids, and promote sound fiscal policies despite the big money lobbying efforts of those who would benefit from government spending,

they will promote effective and meaningful legislation on judicial reform, school choice, budget earmarks, parental bill of rights, saving unborn babies, sanctuary state for Bill of Rights, Constitutional carry, ESG requirements, and repealing the Certificate of Need,


Initiated a new rule (16) which protects the incumbent and limits the constitutional right of free speech of its members by prohibiting caucus members from engaging in campaign activities OF ANY KIND against any other caucus member in good standing,

Requires that the Caucus members must not only sign that they receive and understand the rules, but that they pledge to adhere, abide and comply with the caucus rules,

has consistently been satisfied with keeping the status quo of passing moderate legislation often without the teeth needed to make the desired change or allowing discussion on the House floor which would persuade members to make a more conservative vote,

Therefore, Be It Resolved That Greenville County Republican Women:

wholeheartedly support the SC Freedom Caucus for their efforts to bring free speech and transparency to the SC House,

commend and encourage the loyalty of the Freedom Caucus to our Republic as founded, the Constitution, conservative ideology, free market principles, the Republican platform and to their constituents, NOT to the incumbents in the GOP Caucus,

denounce the actions of the SC House GOP Caucus AND CENSURE the GOP CAUCUS leadership in requiring this rule-oath-pledge for all its members, and fervently ask members of the House GOP Caucus to amend the rules by removing the 2nd sentence in Rule 16 regarding campaigning,

request the House members who did accept and sign these rules to rescind their pledge in light of the behavior by the leadership of the House GOP Caucus, and finally

will be watching the actions, comments and votes of Upstate legislators, especially those who signed the rule-oath-pledge, as we, Greenville County Republican Women, have dedicated time, money, effort, resources, strength and actions to electing Republic