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Dec. 2 Meeting

Hope Harvard, founder of Hope Beauty, a company whose mission is to encourage women to glorify God through all they do, including make-up. She wants women to know that true beauty comes from God.  Hope began her career in the West Wing of the White House working for President Trump. She served in the Department of Homeland Security Office of Public Affairs, the White House Communications Office, and the White House Office of Legislative Affairs. She currently serves as special assistant to Governor Henry McMaster and
director of marketing for The Conservateur, an online publication for fashion-forward conservative women.

Induction of New Officers

Nov. 9 Evening Meeting

Tonya Shellnutt, State Government Relations Director at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), the largest religious liberty advocacy organization in the world.

Oct. 28 Meeting: County Council

Sept. 30 Luncheon Meeting

Sept. 30 Evening Meeting

Sept. 14 Evening Meeting

Aug. 26 meeting

Aug. 10 Dinner Meeting: Life in Russia Under Communism Compared to Life in America Today Under the Democratic Party

July 22 meeting: Scott Case, Greenville County Auditor